hi, i'm jiyeon

k-pop, mobile tech, and life


frequently-asked questions

hi, i'm jiyeon

i am based in the uk, filming my everyday life, unboxings, and reviews on my youtube channeli love mobile technology, pc hardware, k-pop, fashion, home cooking, and interior designi am a nintendo switch gamer and sim racer, i'm most often playing animal crossing

저는 핸드 폰들과 컴퓨터들과 영화들.저는 한국어를 집에 공부하지만 한국말 잘 못해요.저는 영화들 만들고 싶습니다.

youtube is the platform i use to showcase my work, as well as vlog any lifestyle and everyday life i havei use a samsung galaxy s20 for all of my footage, and edit in davinci resolve studio 17

유튜브를 사용합니다. 나는 브이로그들 만듭니다.저는 영화를 만들가 삼성 s20를 사용합니다. 저의 영화 편집자 다빈치 16 있습니다

frequently-asked questions

where do you live?
scotland, united kingdom

what k-pop groups do you like?
red velvet, cosmic girls, cherry bullet, brave girls, just
to name a few

what are your hobbies?
k-pop, keyboards, pc hardware, mobile technology, fashion, home cooking, gaming

what languages do you speak?
natively chinese (i can't read)
fluent english
conversational korean

how do i contact you?
[email protected]
twitter - @ji_xyeon
instagram - @ji_xyeon

what do you use to shoot & edit?
camera - samsung s20
audio - blue snowball / rode videomicro
editing - davinci resolve 17 studio

what are your pc specs?
intel core i5-8600k
32gb corsair vengeance memory
gigabyte rtx 3060 vision 12gb
512gb samsung 970 pro ssd
2x 250gb samsung 850 evo ssd
asus z370-p motherboard
nzxt s340 case
id-cooling pinkflow 240 aio
corsair rm650i psu